modest wedding of the latter

JUDAISM_WKLY Discover_#38
(Papua New Guinea Group)

1. Sabbath Carrier:
nine.30AM third of Feb 2018
@ Salvation Military, Boroko

2. Costume Code: MODEST

three. Prayer & Torah Carrier

four. Creation magnificence to :
=> Torah
=> Davening (Praying)
=> Hebrew
=> Judaism
=> Biblical Gala's
=> Biblical Kosher
=> Aliyah
=> Tanakh Excursion
=> Lend a hand Your self

five. Requisites:
i. Include 4G sensible telephone (whenever you can) with quite a few reminiscence area & battery potential for Sabbath use & a few archives, modest wedding of the latter
ii. Pen & notice guide
iii. Exterior information garage instrument (in the event you can)

6. Quickly and/or Pray each and every Weds mainly for Monotheism in Papua New Guinea ?? & Karaism on the planet ?

7. .....hinder checking for updates.....

Each and every event starts off with one step. YAH keen, might this be 'that' first step.

Baruch YAH eternally ? ? :-)

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