white evening dresses


Way to all who have been in a position to make apply this night. A couple of reminders for day after today.

1. Everyone seems to be to come back wearing college uniform and for the remainder all white.
2. Please be at Church at nine.30 in order that we're seated and prepared and might simply run over whatever crucial.

A reminder that there's no afternoon provider as all shall be blended collectively inside the morning provider, so will we all please lukuluku after the morning provider for lunch directly after.

For the ones of you who're examining please see lower than:

HIMI 612: É Tamai hono íkai eá (Sei Ofa)
[Hiva pe á e veesi úluaki, lau e veesi ua mo e veesi tolu pea toki hiva pe he veesi tolu, lau e veesi four mo e veesi nima kae toki hiva pe á e veesi five; lau e veesi 6 mo e veesi 7 ka e toki hiva pe he veesi 7 – wish you know] white evening dresses

1st Studying:
Ípiseli 1 Kolinito eight: 1 – thirteen (Taufa)

2d Analyzing
Kosipeli: Maáke 1: 21 – 28 (Jane Pahulu)

HIMI 535: Ko e ófa hulu sió ófa e
(Anau Malafu)
[Hiva veesi 1, lau pe veesi 2 & three kae toki hiva he veesi three, hiva veesi 6 & 7]

PRAYER OF The folks:
1. thanking God for all his assistance in our take a look at closing yr
(Akosita Liutai)
2. pray for people that goes to do a little type of take a look at this yr
(Salote Feuiaki)
three. pray for our formative years and Sunday Faculty courses this 12 months
(Barbara Pahulu)
four. pray for those that will aid us in our take a look at - mom and dad, domestic, chums, academics, church humans, and the like.
(Kathleen Sikuea)

God Bless x

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